2014 MU69

MPC: (486958) 2014 MU69
Wikipedia: (486958) 2014 MU69
KBO encounters thread on UMSF forum

2014 thru 2016 Discovery & Hubble remote observation

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2017 Occultation campaign - Planning & June 3rd obs.

Stellar Occultations by MU69 in 2017
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2017 Occultation campaign - SOFIA flight July 10th

Astrotweeps about SOFIA flight | Twitter
SOFIA to Make Advance Observations of Next New Horizons Flyby Object | NASA
SOFIA In Right Place At Right Time to Study New Horizons' Flyby Object | NASA
SOFIA Intercepts Shadow of New Horizons’ Next Flyby Target 4 Billion Miles Away | AmericaSpace
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2017 Occultation campaign - Argentina July 17th

Unpacking in Argentina video
Pictures at an Occultation video
La NASA ya despliega sus 25 equipos en Ruta 3 | El Diario de Madryn
La Patagonia recibe a la NASA para una observación histórica | Télam
Científicos de la Nasa y la Conae observarán esta madrugada el asteroide MU69 | Conclusion
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Amanda announce success video
3rd MU69occ presentation

2017 Occultation campaign - Results

The #mu69occ campaign: Occam's razor wins again | Cosmos4U
New Horizons' Next Target Just Got a Lot More Interesting | NASA
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Pluto Probe May Get 2 Objects for Price of 1 During Next Flyby
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Sonda New Horizons leci do kolejnego celu. Być może nie jednego